Netiquette” is network etiquette :-)


Remember that old saying “there is a time a place for everything”?   The internet is probably the wide source of communication.  Everyone uses the email even on cell phones.  Netiquette is the proper way in which one communicates on cyberspace. Netiquette lays out the dos and don’ts that make up the common courtesy of the cyberspace. It supposes to be a universe language that allows the senders to convey thoughts and feeling without or without a visual.


For example, if you get an email from someone you don’t care for or a person with a negative demeanor, the email might seem negative to the reader. If that same email has a smiling face than the reader will smile knowing that it is a friendly email.


Some web pages and computer software will have expressions. They come with over 20 different facial expressions. I use them a lot when sending text messages to make a quick point.  Capital letters are suppose to mean that the sender is angry , but what  if you just happen to have your caps lock on and are too busy to change it. Oops. 

I wish this  mean that you can’t trust anyone  online. We need to exercise caution with your cyberspace acquaintances as you would with a friendly person you met. This goes especially for children.

The Core Rules of Netiquette are excerpted from the book Netiquette by Virginia Shea. Click on each rule for elaboration. Found on (


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Wireless is Everywhere

Wireless internet is near where I lived has helped me to make use of my every minute.


My favorite place to spend time during my lunch hour if not at the gym is the public library. The public library has free internet access for library card holders.   I remember when the library only had a couple of computers.  Well back then, I did not have a need to use the computer as much as I do now.   I can walk to the nearest public library from where I work.  Computers have no doubt increased the visitations at the public library. There are times that I go to the library and can not get a computer because the public is using the computers for everything from online job applications to homework.  The library expansion of computer internet access has given the households without computers the opportunity to enhance skills, do required applications or use as a recreational tool.  Let’s face it employers are getting application from the internet.

Another place where I found computer internet access is at my local sandwich eatery.  As a woman on the go I like to be able to eat, relax and check emails.  I have also met my web master for a bite to over the latest up dates on our web site.  He has tried to teach me how to update it myself. No, I have not been successful yet. 


It’s is a good thing to have 24/7 access to the internet, but it can also be a bad thing.  Now days instead of totally relaxing on vacation I find myself on the internet till the early morning hours. 


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Technologically Challenged

Some of us are ready for technological challenges and some of us have fear.


I have fear.  I don’t believe in paying for television so I don’t have cable television. I have been taunted and teased by my friends and colleagues because I refused to give into subscripting to cable.  The first question from them is do you have internet service?  Yes, I had dial up until April 2007.  I could not bring myself to subscribing to the fast internet service provided by a cable company.  After much thought and consideration I called Verizon to inquire about a faster internet service.


I agreed to try DSL. The catch was I had to install it myself. The Verizon kit came with a CD that explained how to install the software.  How difficult could it be to put in a disc hit and hit few keys?  First, I had to go around my house and replace all phone jacks with a cord attached jacket provided in the DSL kit.  I tried to install the software on my own.  I waited for the three lights to turn green, they never did. After an hour of trying different test and still no internet, I knew I needed help.


I ended up calling the help line and agreed to have Verizon NetOp on to my home computer.  The technician took me step by step until I got the internet working. Without 24 hour technical support I would have sent the packet back to them.


1 year later, I am still using DSL and I love it. It is fast enough for me at home.  I must admitted if I want high speed I go to the library or use the computer at work




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Multifunction Printer for me


Multifunction printer are also called multifunction devices and all-in-one printers are laser or inkjet printer that in addition to printing capabilities, can copy, scan and receive and send faxes.

It is reported that the sales of multifunction printers are just a popular as regular inkjet printers. There are more in-home-business and an increase in employees that work from home. Theses people do have the space for copies, printers and fax machines.  The multifunction inkjet printer is everywhere and one can find a basic model with no built-in fax modem for about what you’d pay for a regular inkjet printer.

Reviews show that multifunction printers are not equally adept at printing, scanning, copying and faxing. Often, a model that excels in one aspect sputters on others. (

The con in buying multifunction printers is they were unreliable.  When the multifunction printers first came out they were expensive and had a reputation for poor quality. Businesses did not want to take a chance that one machine could cripple the business productivity because it had so many functions.

Now days the multifunction printers have earn their place in the printing market.  They can be compare to stand alone printer in cost, quality and reliability.

Cannon and Hp are leading the way in the review as the premium product in quality and a variety of prices.

In conclusion, the multifunction printer would fit my needs. I have a room in my home which doubles as an office and relaxation room. I don’t have enough space for the scanner. I have one and never set it up. Because of my “multifunction” responsible the multifunction printer would provide finger tip work ease for me.





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breast cancer is NOT a death sentence

October 1999, my doctor found a lump in my breast.

I wondered if I had cancer, and then dismissed the idea.  I had just loss my mother in July 1998 to colon cancer. At the time I was still in a functional depression from the loss of my mother.  I was too young to have what has been called the “old white women disease”.   I was an f forty three year old athletic woman.


November 1999 my surgeon told me I had stage two breast cancer.


I had a lumpectomy in Dec 1999, followed by four months of chemotherapy and eight weeks of daily radiation.


Having breast cancer led me closer to God. I had to let go of my depression in order to help save my life. The pink ribbon symbol of hope and survivorship was not as popular when I was diagnosed. I wanted to talk with other women who had had, or were going through, breast cancer.  That’s when Sisters Network Richmond, VA Inc was born.


Some cancer doctors say breast cancer is never cured, it is in remission.  I believe I am cured.  I wanted to become an advocate for those diagnosed with breast cancer. I was lead by God to be an advocate and bring awareness in communities and become a witness that breast cancer is NOT a death sentence.


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